After both of their grandmothers passed away and South Africa from Durban went into lockdown due to Covid-19, it was their third time lucky.

The couple, who will celebrate Lerisha’s birthday in Dubai at the end of April, packed for their honeymoon to Paris, Mykonos, Santorini and then Dubai.

He recalled calling his father when he met the girl of his dreams and telling him about the journey they walked together.

A mutual friend introduced the two four years ago.

The Proteas’ Keshav Maharaj ties the knot in Durban
Berisha Munsamy and Keshav Maharaj wed last weekend after postponing the ceremony twice. Photos: Supplied

During the first week, we spent together, I couldn’t spend time with her.

He said it was worth the wait when she arrived on their first date after waiting 45 minutes.

She is goofy and I am a joker. It’s just that she’s stunning. It’s not just inside but she is so selfless and so family-oriented, which is important to me.”

He insisted on dancing having five left feet for his mom’s 50th birthday, according to Munsamy, an expert Kathak and Bharatanatyam dancer.

They knew I would not just dance with anyone and that she had to be special.”

After five days of wedding festivities, the couple finally tied the knot in a traditional north Indian Hindu ceremony. The south Indian Telugu she held to honour her grandparents was also traditional.

Maharaj had a custom outfit tailored by a Durban designer for the main day in Westville. The bride wore a Fuschia and pink outfit from the Kalki collection, while the bride wore a Fuschia and pink outfit from the Indian Kalki collection.

In addition to the family, friends, and his best mate Vernon Philander, Maharaj said many cricketers were not able to attend because they had been away.

He said that even though they had been living together for three years before the wedding, the wedding felt fresh and exciting to him.

To find out if you are compatible with one another, I think you should live together before getting married.”

He found it refreshing to meet his wife who did not know about cricket when he first met her, as he didn’t want to talk about it after a hard day on the pitch.

As a spin bowler, Munsamy was determined to start a family as soon as possible, even though he would be in India for a tournament in June. He wanted to be with her throughout the pregnancy and after she gave birth.

Despite their desire to start a family as soon as possible, Munsamy said both of them had a few career goals that they wanted to accomplish in the meantime.

Munsamy is a stomatologist (beautician) who owns a business in Yellowwood Park and Mount Edgecombe, where they live. As part of her expansion plans, she said she was considering launching a home range.

Munsamy said that after meeting Maharaj, all her clients and friends had converted to cricket, and now she understood most aspects of it.

Although she was initially nervous about meeting Maharaj, she went on the first date at the behest of her friend. He found him humble and thought they would become good friends, but it soon blossomed into something more.

Four years later, his generosity still inspires her.

Maharaj said that his sister is also now his best friend in Durban.

Munsey’s wife, who is a foodie, took care of the decor, and he set up the vegetarian menu for the wedding, which was catered by Indian Delights.

“I’m so proud of him.” his mother says. “I had never thought I would date an international cricketer.”

Munsamy said she is not bothered by the mobs of fans who often surround him in Durban. Usually, she said, everyone posed with him while she was the photographer.

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