In this interview, Dubai-based influencer Nabilla Vergara talks about her debut beauty brand and growing up

An entrepreneur and French-Swiss model shares her thoughts on her new venture

Nabilla Vergara (6)-1646458157904

Nabilla Vergara (6)-1646458157904

Turning over a new leaf is a familiar practice for Nabilla Vergara. Despite years of ‘shortcomings’ in her public spotlight, the French-Swiss social media influencer seems to be on fire in the UAE after launching her beauty brand here.

As a reality TV star and as a woman who ran into trouble with the law, Vergara used to make headlines in France. It doesn’t matter how much she struggles, the 30-year-old actress has built a loyal fan base that follows her every move – she has more than 7.1 million Instagram followers who like her posts about fashion, motherhood and lifestyle. She discussed her parents, her relationship with Thomas Vergara, and more in the seven-part Amazon Prime series ‘Nabilla: Without Filter’.

In addition to giving birth to her second child, the beauty entrepreneur recently launched her make-up line in the UAE. She is excited to see the fruits of her labors in the country where she has lived since 2019. Nabilla Beauty was first released in France in 2018, and Vergara is thrilled that it has now reached the US market.

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While launching her brand in the UAE, Vergara discussed what it’s like to be a busy mom and entrepreneur.

Share with us the inspiration behind your beauty brand of Nabilla.

I use makeup to gain self-confidence, to express myself, to boost my self-esteem. Life is a school of experimentation, learning, mistakes, starting over, creating a personality, asserting ourselves, and then finding ourselves. Let everyone have the freedom to just be themselves and give them the chance to try it out!

Having created Nabilla Beauty, I wanted to offer a wide selection of high-quality beauty products to as many people as possible at affordable prices, with products that are essential to all makeup routines, and fit for every skin tone. That’s why I created our first matte liquid lipstick and gloss collection to launch my brand. Throughout the years, our collection has gotten bigger and better, and our eyeliner, palettes, mascara, blushes and highlighters have become bestsellers.

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Where did Nabilla find the biggest challenge in building the brand?

Improving the product is the biggest challenge. My high standards for colour and texture mean that I request many trials from our Italian suppliers before getting the exact result I want. I was not willing to compromise on quality, and so it was time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, seeing the final result was worth it.

Please tell us about three main selling points of your brand.

The cruelty-free brand Nabilla Beauty is manufactured in Italy – the same country that produces large makeup brands – and has been created with all skin tones in mind.

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What do you think of Nabilla Beauty’s launch in the UAE?

I am happy to announce that April Beauty will be our first launch in Dubai after receiving numerous requests on Instagram. Due to its success in Europe, the brand has gained a lot of legitimacy in the UAE.

The show was called Nabilla: Without Filter, so why did you decide to make it, and what was it like to film?
I loved it! By the end of their six-month stay at Amazon Prime, they became part of our family! It was my pleasure to accept their proposal as after more than ten years working in this environment, I wanted to share what I’ve learned, what I have experienced, and the measures I have taken to compensate for the shortcomings of my younger years.

Describe an average day in your life as a mum, social media influencer, and businesswoman.
Families always come first. Also included in that list are my husband, my son, and my upcoming baby. Being organized is key to managing everything. Clearly, I have help at home, but I also have my teams, whether it’s at Nabilla Beauty or as influencers, who are incredibly helpful.

It’s been a few years since you moved to Dubai; what made you decide to move here?

My children and I have always wanted to raise them in Dubai. My decision to move to this city was due to the climate, the security, and the education that you can give your children here.

Nabilla Vergara (5)-1646458151885

What’s it like to live in Dubai?

Like a little cocoon of comfort, we feel safe and serene.

April Beauty offers Nabilla Beauty at The Dubai Mall, Sahara Mall, Dalma Mall and Al Ain Mall.

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